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The Solomon Formula

An income plan that lasts as long as you do.

What is the Solomon Formula?

The difference between wisdom and knowledge is application. Solomon, being the wisest man who ever lived, applied that knowledge. Here at Kingdom Purposes, we want to take you through our process, which we call The Solomon Formula.

How we apply The Solomon Formula to create your plan

The comprehensive financial plan we create with you will encompass these important components:

  1. Retirement Income Plan

  2. Retirement is your reward for a lifetime of hard work. It’s also the time when you shift gears from building your nest egg (asset accumulation) to generating income (asset distribution). We create a retirement plan that ensures you have income you can’t outlive.

  3. Safety of Principal Plan

  4. Unfortunately, pensions are a thing of the past and it’s now up to you to contribute to your 401(k) or IRA…and assume all the stock market risk That’s fine when you’re younger. But when approaching retirement, you need to both protect your retirement savings and generate income. Your plan will include principal-protected strategies that offer safety from market volatility, while still offering growth.

  5. Beneficiary Plan

  6. Life changes, people marry and divorce, families are blended. You want to ensure you are taking care of all the people you care about. We help you stay current with your beneficiaries so that your wishes are followed.

  7. Social Security Plan

  8. When it comes to Social Security, the wrong choice could cost you tens of thousands of dollars in benefits! Don’t leave any of your hard-earned money with the government. We help you get the highest potential payout by using sophisticated software that shows exactly when and how you should claim your Social Security benefits to maximize your income.

  9. Legacy Plan

  10. We help you create a plan for the ultimate disposition of your wealth by determining the best way to construct your estate and your investments to minimize taxation to your heirs, while achieving the lasting impact that will be your legacy!


Strategies for Financial Independence

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